Week 8- Cobb, Chapter 8

Salvation themes are found throughout pop culture. Whether represented as the search for political justice, or the yearning of romantic love, or the mysticism of escape in transcendance… pop culture, and namely music, takes us into a state of ecstacy in which we encounter the numinous in some way. We also work out our salvation through pop culture in some form of confession, which has changed throughout the ages.

Additional thoughts: Cobb made some interesting observations about therapy as the search for self- fulfillment. I would disagree with him in saying that the search for self- fulfillment and self- care is a negative thing, though I also at the same time agree that our culture has often placed a higher value on self- fulfillment than it does on self- denial and self- control. I do believe, however, that there is some way to find a balance in which one is able to discover one’s truest, free- est self in order that with this enlightenment one might be able to love God with one’s whole self.


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    I posted an answer to your entry 🙂

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