Week 10- Outline for Paper

I.                 Description of the Junior High Students at Lake Avenue Church, with special attention given to their economic disparity.

a.      This involves two levels. The first level is the differences between the students on Sunday mornings (suburban youth primarily) and the students who come on Wednesday nights (urban youth primarily). There are great economic and social differences between these two groups.

                                                    i.     There are certain things that distinguish these groups (large scale, generalized characterizations): The suburban kids have ipods, cell phones, Hollister outfits, they go on expensive vacations, they have nice houses with pools, etc… How does access to these “texts” affect the way that culture is shaped in these two groups?

                                                  ii.     Interaction of race and economics

                                                iii.     Lifestyles

                                                iv.     Risks and suffering each group faces

                                                  v.     Who defines “what is cool” when they are all together?

b.     The second level involves examining students within each of these groups, and how they interact with economic disparity within their respective groups.

                                                    i.     There are differences even within each of these groups: having an ipod, having the right clothes—these things provide certain social capital even within the system.

                                                  ii.     Who defines “what is cool” in each group of students?

1.     With the suburban kids, money makes a big difference.

2.     With the urban kids, money does not seem to matter as much as far as distinguishing between cool and uncool.

c.      Barker and economics

                                                    i.     Marxism

                                                  ii.     Hegemony

                                                iii.     Deconstruction of Binaries

II.               The Synthetic Model

a.      Definitions and characterizations

b.     Why it should be used in this setting

III.             What practical steps will be made to bring the gospel to this group of students?

a.      Fast from your ipod

b.     Bring your favorite shirt to a clothing drive

c.      Interview kids to see how they feel about their economic location

d.     Have discussions with both groups about the reality of economic disparity within the youth group and what it means.


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