Week 9- Paper Outline

Again, in my paper I will be looking at the culture of junior highers at Lake Avenue Church, investigating the economic disparities among the youth. Involved in this survey of how junior highers treat the wealth that they have will include some examination of economic principles such as the Marxist understanding of base and superstructure—Marx said that culture is determined by the production and organization of material existence. He said that culture is political because it is expressive of relations of power—thus the ideas of the ruling class are the ruling ideas. I will also bring in ideas of deconstructing binaries, such as the idea that “I have an ipod” = “I have social capital.” I will use the synthetic model to approach ways of bringing the gospel to this community. Some ideas of how to address this issue in the church could be having a service project in which each kid brought their favorite shirt to donate to the clothing drive, encouraging kids to fast from their ipods or texting on their phones, talking about the realities of economic disparities in the youth group, doing individual interviews with kids to see how they feel about their economic standing, etc…


One Response to “Week 9- Paper Outline”

  1. wess Says:

    Annie – this looks great, I look forward to reading it.

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