Week 9- Monday

The discussion on carnival today was very interesting. I think that the movie Saved, which came out several years ago, could be a good example of carnival at work in pop culture’s view of the church. It was such an over- exaggeration of the evangelical right that it makes one think about the reasons the position stands as it is.

Additional thoughts: At Lake Ave Church every summer the youth group takes urban kids from low income families in Pasadena to a ranch in Wyoming, where they learn to horseback ride, shoot arrows, rope cows, etc… as well as engage in service opportunities. This is a “carnival” in that it provides alternative space in which these urban youth can experience a rare freedom as well as feel that they are empowered to serve others.


One Response to “Week 9- Monday”

  1. bgvalentine Says:

    Hey Annie,

    I posted some thoughts on your blog.


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