Week 8- Monday

Coming from Memphis, TN, I have found that there is a definite myth in the south which proposes that Christian= Republican. This is an incredibly difficult connection to break. Some of my non- Christian friends have much resistance to the church because of this myth, while Christians have resistance to anything non- Republican because of this myth. It is incredibly powerful, hurtful, marginalizing, and often gets in the way of the gospel message.

I sometimes find it difficult and hopeless to break down and deconstruct the myth in the south that one must adhere to the Republican agenda in order to avoid being called a “heretic.” How do we work against these myths?


2 Responses to “Week 8- Monday”

  1. c. wess daniels Says:

    great connection — “Christian= Republican” and questions about how to do this. I thought it was interesting that this wasn’t stated in class, or the myth of America as a Christian nation — these are both very strong myths in all parts of our society.

  2. Jim Candy Says:

    I’m commenting on your blog – jim

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