Week 7- Cobb, Chapter 7

Studying pop culture (movies, novels, etc…) can help us ascertain what is society’s view of sin and our fallenness as humanity. One line of thought follows the Covenant and Jeremiads script. This involves the idea that we committed to a covenant which we could not follow, that we fell into disobedience, and that now there are voices that call us back to a moral high ground. These Jeremiads bring a sense of hope, a faith in humanity to return to its original covenant. Another script that tries to discuss our fallenness is the Gothic script. In these movies and novels, evil has arisen because of society’s abandonment of the villain who then wreaks havoc on the world. There is no real hope or sense that the good can be recovered. There is no benevolent power as in the Covenant and Jeremiad script.


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