Week 7- Barker, Chapter 13

The existence of youth culture has arisen because of the discontinuity between the family and society due to capitalism. Many have said that youth culture involves subterranean values, resisting dominant culture. Youth resist through rituals; they resist both the dominant culture their parents are resisting, yet they also express their own differentiation. Many have critiqued this understanding of subcultural theory however, saying such things as “difference is not resistance.” In this differentiation among youth, there are variations according to gender and race. There is also a syncretism between local and global youth cultures.


2 Responses to “Week 7- Barker, Chapter 13”

  1. Randy Mah Says:

    I agree that youth culture has arisen because of the discontinuity between the family and society, but not because of capitalism. Today, it is because of the “abandonment” of the youth by parents and the institutions set up to protect them and guide them such as schools, organized youth sports, and youth activities. And, let us not forget the church as a culprit. Today’s youth are pushed into performance and competition for the glory of parents, teachers, coaches, and youth pastors and those who do not perform are “left behind”. It’s no wonder the youth resist, for what is in place now for their benefit is failing them miserably. They have no hope, no meaning, no identity and no love and they search for all of these in whatever culture they are accepted; some good, some bad. As the Church and the Body of Christ, we must embrace them, love them, not judge them, and lead them to the One that can satisfy all their needs of hope, meaning, identity and love.

  2. c. wess daniels Says:

    How did you see this working with your youth ministry studies, did it connect, repeat or add to or contradict your previous learnings?

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