Week 3- Wednesday

So here is my latest conflict of interest: I love what we are talking about in class, and I love a lot of these models. Giving people a voice, not allowing them to be passive consumers of “church,” creating people who are sent into the world around them… I believe that these things must be a part of the Kingdom and the church. In order to do this, I do not see how a church can exist past 100 people maximum. In that case, how is a church going to hire a youth worker such as myself? If the best thing for people and for the church is to stay small, give everyone a voice, do youth ministry within families… then what role does a youth worker play? These are questions that I do not want to ask myself.


One Response to “Week 3- Wednesday”

  1. wess Says:

    Annie – I don’t think there’s an easy answer to this, but that it’s the right way to put the question and one that’s worthy to be worked out.

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