Week 3- Response to Jim’s Blog

I agree with Jim wholeheartedly that youth ministry will look different if all of this missional church stuff starts actually taking shape. Chap Clark talked about a model of church in which youth groups would disappear. Instead, adults would become involved in small groups of families, in which each adult would care for the kids of their friends. Kids would grow up knowing they were loved and cared for by at least 10 adults, and there would be little need of a stress on “relational ministry” in youth groups. I wrote in my blog about how that scares me, because youth is where I have placed my focus. But why should it scare me? If the Kingdom is being proclaimed and embodied, if kids are being loved, if families are more tightly knit… isn’t that what I desire to accomplish in working in youth ministry? I am often hit by my own needs in ministry and how I allow those needs to direct my path. Today was one of those days.


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