week 3- Barker, Chapter 6

Barker’s discussion on cultural imperialism versus hybridity and globalization was very interesting. I would say that most people from my home town (Memphis, TN- southern culture) would adhere to the global imperialism idea. We are taking over the world through our culture and economy. Though most of these people have never really visited these other countries who have apparently mindlessly taken on American culture (except for maybe a beach trip or two), they think that we Americans rule over the cultures of the world, for we indeed are the best and everyone wants to be like us. I honestly have to fight to get myself out of this mentality, for it is so ingrained within me. I was therefore given much hope through Barker’s explanation of globalization and hybridity. Cultures different from those found in the United States can take aspects of what they find in “American” culture, and they can tweak it to make it their own. This gives value and dignity to other people groups and other cultures.


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