Week 2- Cobb, Chapter 2

In talking about the hyperreal, the idea that we fabricate images to simulate reality to such perfection that these perfect images seem more real than reality itself, Cobb gave the example of Disneyland and the rainforest ride. This ride takes you through the most adventurous aspects of the rainforest in the comforts of a mechanized simulator. You get all the “fun” of the rainforest with none of the difficulties. Basically, you get all the adventure with none of the reality. Cobb says that we have extended this “hyperreal aesthetic” to all areas of life. We want our perfected simulated version of reality, not the mundane reality in which we sometimes we find ourselves. We have lost the ability to see the beauty in the mundane, in the difficulties, in the bugs and rain of the rainforest. How can we communicate the good news that life is hard but someone wants to walk with us in the midst of that pain, when nobody wants to see it? Give us perfected dolled up life, not real life. How do we fight against that? arggg.


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