Week 2- Barker, chapter 4

Barker says that the meaning of a word is not fixed; it is constantly changing with each usage, such that its meaning is continually being deferred. Derrida calls this “Differance.” Each time I use a word, it bears traces of previous uses, but its meaning is never nailed down. It will continue to change as it is used in the future. How do we read the Bible in the midst of this changing meaning of words? If this theory is true, is there a point in looking for original meanings of words? Can we ever really pin down what these ancient Greek significations actually meant? If we can, do we have to constantly be reworking our present day interpretations and language in translating the Bible because those words we are using in translation are constantly changing the meanings we ascribe to them? Such that a word we used 20 years ago might have other meanings today. Thus we constantly need to be checking our present day translations, as well as constantly be trying to discover what those words meant back in the day. This becomes a difficult task!


One Response to “Week 2- Barker, chapter 4”

  1. wess Says:

    Yes, it is a difficult task to say the least. But it’s a worthwhile one, just more complex than we may have thought or acted like in the past. Good work this week!

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