Week 1- Response to Jim’s blog

Wow, has the church “Disneyfied” the gospel? The danger in what Disney did was that it sectioned off an entire experience of listening to Mozart in an auditorium with the fullness of the stringed instruments and the mass emotion of the people in the audience. Now, we would simply have the music alone, and we would distract you from the music itself by placing images in front of you that are someone else’s interpretation of what the music is trying to convey. Furthermore, these images cannot do justice to the beauty of the music, because they are indeed cartoons. So have we done this to the gospel? Have we taken an entire experience of living in community, fighting for justice, imitating the Savior– and sectioned off particular parts such that there is no unified whole? Have we distracted people from the beauty of the gospel message itself with our videos and interpretations? In our effort to make people entertained, have we sadly not represented the beauty of the music at all? ai yai yai.


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