Week 1- Cobb, Chapter 1

The Frankfurt school said that the “culture industries” (controlled by the ruling class) create art that distracts the masses from their unbearable conditions, such that their bitterness and revolutionary spirit are subdued. Art and culture does not reflect the real needs for healing and liberation. Though I know that many view the Frankfurt school as elitist, and though I do not view myself as one who is oppressed, I have seen this play itself out. I often will go to movies to escape my heartache and hurts. I get this escape with a romantic comedy, such as You’ve Got Mail. On the other hand, when I go to a movie like Crash, I am forced to engage with human nature, forced to feel the ugliness of life. This is not necessarily enjoyable, but it does connect me to people and to myself. Isn’t this what we want? Resolution: don’t watch so much kitch.


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